Our rates are based on the industry standard and are designed to be competitive, they are outlined below.

General Rates

Hourly Rate £60.00 ($95AUD)
Daily Rate £450.00 ($700AUD)
Note: A minimum of one hour will be charged in all cases.


Monthly Support Packages
Our support packages are intended to give you piece of mind and a manageable monthly spend for support and maintenance services, our packages are based on a 12 month subscription renewed annually and paid monthly.

4 hours £240.00 ($400AUD)
8 hours £480.00 ($830AUD)
16 hours £960.00 ($1650AUD)
Contact us for more comprehensive packages


Project Deposits

All pre-planned projects such as website builds, video production, video and photo editing that are quoted on a set price will require a deposit paid before work is started

For projects less than £2000 ($3500AUD)

  • 50% Upfront
  • 50% Upon Completion to Specification

For projects over £2000 ($3500AUD)

  • 30% Upfront
  • Remaining paid based on set milestones until completion to specification.

In the event of a project requiring scoping for a quote to be generated, a separate scoping fee will be agreed and required in order for us to give you an accurate quote.

Please Note: For definitions and guidelines of Completion to Specification and Deposits please refer to our Terms of Service